Early St. Patty’s Day morning, four of us ladies started our hike up The Flatiron. This was the first official hike excursion for our Women Who Explore: Arizona group. It was small, but mighty.

I knew the hike would be difficult since I had obsessed over the comments on the All Trails app. I figured I was in good enough shape though to at least not want to die at any point along the trail. Ok, I never actually felt like dying, but I came pretty damn close a couple times.

What is the Flatiron you ask? Well, when looking at the photo above, it’s the peak in the distance. “That doesn’t look so far!” I hear you say. Well it is. “It doesn’t look that hard!” Well it damn well is! The hike is entirely deceiving as your traversing up, partly do to the fact that you can only manage to focus on placing one foot in front of the other. The photos taken here are at the transition point from moderate to difficult and then again at the top.  Are you wondering why there are no photos of the most difficult portion? Like I said, it was all about one foot in front of the other.

This 6.2 in and out hike was well worth all the hard work. I mean seriously, just look at the photos. You can’t find views better than this. Hiking as a group of women is also just a great experience. There’s always breaks when needed, encouragement, and a little group commiseration.

Along the trail we passed a woman who was hiking up to her wedding ceremony. She was hard to spot since she was wearing a veil and had her dress strapped to her back. Yes, you heard me right. About 50 of the couple’s friends and family were joining them at the top in the most unlikely, but stunning, wedding location.

Coming down, my legs and arms were shaking. By the end of the trail, they felt like jello. There’s a deep sense of satisfaction with that feeling though. I pushed my body into a very uncomfortable place and succeeded. Hiking isn’t about conquering the mountain or the trail. It’s about conquering what you think your own limitations are.

Thank you ladies for the epic experience. I can’t wait to do it again.

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